Whale found dying off coast of Norway with 30 plastic bags in its stomach

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A Cuvier beaked whale’s sad demise

This is so awful but really not so uncommon!

This intelligent sentient sea creature must have suffered terribly whilst his (or her) family knew it was slowly dying.

Please read this article from the Telegraph newspaper.

Cuvier’s beaked whales are also called the goose-beaked whales.  They are normally deep sea foragers.

As well as pollution, whales are also suffering from naval sonar noise and are thought to be the cause of an increase in whale strandings.  They find themselves on shore in a disorientated state with no means to return to sea.  Their internal organs become crushed under their own body weight and their skins dry out which leads to an unpleasant death.  Their family members usually wait for them off-shore.  People who have tried to help stranded whales have reported the emotional distress shown by these whales.  They are incredibly intelligent animals.

The marine environment has become a noisy place for sea creatures.  Sound waves in water are very disruptive.  Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) rely on echo-location to forage. 

They are also social animals that form close family and community units that have their own unique language.  Scientists are realising that they have unique names for each other to identify each other.


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