About me

Why this blog amongst all the other blogs on the web you may wonder?

Many of us are fed up with junk and clutter acquired by our habits as consumers.

When we leave our homes, for example, get into our cars, or use public transport, we begin to consume things. In this case fuel. Please do not think that I will be suggesting only cycling and walking instead. I am sure that if you enjoy cycling and walking you will be doing so already. Even before we leave our homes we consume fuel as heating, lighting or even just using the internet.

It has been said that loading one internet page requires the same energy to boil a kettle of water. Ordering products online requires that a delivery vehicle takes it to your home using fuel. We cannot help it, it is the way that our society is set up but we are consumers nearly all of the time. It is the only way that we know.

Corporations and big business has manipulated it to be their way only or no other way. They want us to consume because it is how they make money.   It is so easy to feel guilty about these things. In the past I have tied myself in knots trying to make decisions about what I should eat, drink, use in the shower, wear on my body, what chemicals to use in my home and how to do my laundry. The list is endless.

I am hoping for a better way and I think it may embrace minimalism. Now, again please do not ‘run for the hills’ and think that I will suggest that you live in a stark home with no possessions, smelling like a monster and adhering to strict organic veganism. Really, this is not what minimalism is all about.

There is an internet movement where people are finding what minimalism means to them personally. It is more about divorcing ourselves from the relentless accumulation of ‘stuff’ and embracing experiences whether it is deeper family, friendships, community and pastimes. Minimalism is about realising that we do not need as many tangible things as we think we do but we do need more meaningful connections with what is important.

I am on my own journey. For me, my journey involves what my impact is upon nature and our wonderful planet Earth. Living kind to nature for me involves, for example, rejecting plastic in all its guises.

After visiting our local council tip recently, as good citizens we are required to separate our waste into categories for recycling. There are places for waste wood, cardboard, paper, rags, metal and garden waste. However, to my dismay there was no area to recycle plastic. It is all put into land-fill sites and either left there forever with no natural way to cause it to decay or it is incinerated in ugly, expensive incinerators that are blots on our landscapes. These incinerators produce toxic waste-products and heat.

If plastic ends up in the sea, it is broken down into smaller pieces by wave action. As the particles become smaller, they enter the food chain and accumulate in the flesh of sea-life. Eventually, we ingest it along with all the other toxic horrors that are dumped in the sea. The day I realised that plastic is a ubiquitous, man-made product, that will NEVER go away, was the day I wanted to reduce the amount of it in my life.

This was why the blog was born. Obviously, the wretched stuff is absolutely everywhere. It covers our foods and is even in our clothes. For me personally avoiding plastic as much as I can is one way that I can personally be kind to nature.

Living kind to nature is about finding a comfortable minimalism that suits each of us as individuals but it is also about finding ways to reduce our negative effects upon nature. Our children will thank us.

Most things can be done with very little sacrifice and is actually empowering. If millions of people on this plant just did one small thing it would have a huge impact. Manufacturers would be forced to change their ways and offer us better alternatives.

I am not suggesting that we all live like hippies, unless some of us want to, but I am suggesting owing less ‘stuff’ and that the stuff that we do own does not hurt wildlife, nature and the environment.

Welcome to my blog.